Indigo Girls

Become You - Epic 2002

Tracks: 1. Overture / 2. Mirrors / 3. Song: Dear Elvis Presley / 4. Nursey, Nursey / 5. Song - Heaven in the Back Row / 6. Burning Bright / 7. The Matchseller / 8. Coronation of the Fledgling / 9. All Hail to the Hero / 10. White Faced Lady / 11. Freefall / 12. Standing / 13.Diary Song: The Indian Head / 14. Song from Jon / 15. Long Way Down / 16.The Locket / 17.Picture With Conversation / 18.Epitaph: Angel


Kaleidoscope's fourth album, recorded in 1971, was released for various reasons 20 years later, which was a real shame and shame. Before this album, the group had recorded and released three fine albums (the third under the name of Fairfield Parlor), but the big commercial breakthrough was missing, despite fine reviews.

The group played a melodious psych pop / rock that could be compared to contemporary groups like Tomorrow and South Barrets Pink Floyd. Despite the modest commercial success, the group's musical ambition level was still high in 1971 and it is hardly possible to discuss whether the "White Faced Lady" was its most ambitious project.

It is a Concept album / rockopera, which in its presentation could remind you of The Pretty Things' SF Sorrow. The story that is told is about the girl "Angel" who grows up with his mother and brother and does not really fit into her peers.

After an appointment, Angel is discovered a movie man and suddenly experiences a giant success as a star, a role she is not really interested in or real powers. It ends with the very big downturn, and the story was obviously inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Musically, it is a very great and well-produced album, which is both melodic and varied. Many of the lyrics of the album are really well-written, although you may find it difficult to form a clear impression of the story just from them, "Angels' story is included and told as a little short story.

The music has strong roots In the late sixties, and many songs would actually fit well into the group's 1967 debut album. Singer Peter Daltrey, who also is behind for the lyrics, has a really nice voice that fits really to psychedelic music-style.

Most songs are really great and win with time. Several may easily stand alone, outside the album concept. Should some be brought forward, it might be the closing track "Epitaph"

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