Van Morrison

What's Wrong With This Picture? - Blue Note 2003

Tracks: 1. What's Wrong With This Picture? / 2. Whinin' Boy Moan / 3. Evening In June / 4. Too Many Myths / 5. Somerset / 6. Meaning Of Loneliness / 7. Stop Drinking / 8. Gold Fish Bowl / 9. Once In A Blue Moon / 10. Saint James Infirmary / 11. Little Village / 12. Fame / 13. Get On With The Show


This album one must belong among the ones leaning most heavily on traditional blues/jazz from Van Morrison. Though most of the songs are Morrison originals his songwriting style is clearly based based on the 12-bar blues style.

Like always Morrison works with the best musicians and the playing and his singing is great. Though this "back to the roots" approach is highly competent, for me the highligts are when he leaves the strict blues-pattern and his own Irish background and writing style shines through.

Songs like "Once in a Blue Moon" and "Little Village" have the qualities to become new Morrison classics - especially "Little Village" is great.

Among the more traditional blues-styled songs I also find "Somerset" and "Too Many Myths" fine. The rest of the album is also quite good, though most of it is too traditional to make me really excited.

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