(What's The Story) Morning Glory? - Sony 1995

Tracks: 1. Hello / 2. Roll With It / 3. Wonderwall / 4. Don't Look Back In Anger / 5. Hey Now! / 6. Untitled / 7. Some Might Say / 8. Cast No Shadow / 9. She's Electric / 10. Morning Glory / 11. Untitled / 12. Champagne Supernova


"What`s the Story Morning Glory" was the first Oasis album I heard. I remember finding songs like "Don`t Look Back in Anger" and "Some Might Say" remarkable and refreshingly different. The album is still my favourite album by the band; in fact some of their later albums seem rather longwinded to me, with only few really good songs.
On this album some of the best Oasis songs are to be found. Besides the two songs already mentioned you find the great ballads "Champagne Supernova" and "Cast No Shadow".
"She`s Electric" is an up-beat track, greatly inspired by the Beatles. "Wonderwall" has a great acoustic guitar-riff, but the song somehow does not seem to have aged as well as many of the other tracks.
"Hello" and and the title track are fine rockers and live-favourites. All in all, the most consistent Oasis album. There are signs on their newest album, though, that more fine albums can be hoped in the future.

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