Aimee Mann

Whatever - Geffen 1995

Tracks: 1. I Should've Known / 2. Fifty Years After the Fair / 3. 4th of July / 4. Could've Been Anyone / 5. Put Me on Top / 6. Stupid Thing / 7. Say Anything / 8. Jacob Marley's Chain / 9. Mr. Harris / 10. I Could Hurt You Now / 10. I Know There's a Word / 11. I've Had It / 12. Way Back When / 13. Nothing


Aimee Manns first solo-album "Whatever" from 1993 is one of her most acclaimed. It does have quite some similarities of her time with the group 'Til Tuesday, with whom she released three albums in the years 1985-1988. Power-pop songs like "I Should Have Known," "Say Anything" and "Could Have Been Anyone" could well have been recorded by this group. All three, by the ways, fine well-written songs.

The more mature Mann's style, as we know it from later great albums like "Bachelor No. 2, "" Lost in Space "and" Charmer "you will also find examples of. Not least, the beautiful ballad "Stupid Thing" is a highlight. I also fell for the peculiar "Jacob Marley's Chain", which lyrically is based on Charles Dickens old "A Christmas Carol".

The album spans musically seen very wide, from simply arranged songs over tracks with orchestral backing till pure power-pop ala The Bangles and Kim Wilde.

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