'Til Tuesday ( Aimee Mann )

Welcome Home - Epic 1986

Tracks: 1. What About Love / 2. Comin up Close / 3. On Sunday / 4. Will She Just Fall Down / 5. David Denies / 6. Lovers' Day / 7. Have Mercy / 8. Sleeping and Waking / 9. Angels Never Call / 10. No One Is Watching You Now


Not long ago I became really aware of how great an artist Aimee Mann actually is. Through albums fine albums like "Whatever," "I'm With Stupid", "Bachelor No. 2 "and" Charmer "I've become a big fan of both her voice and her songwriting.

Logically, I also wanted to study her early musical output as a member of the group 'Til Tuesday. My choice fell on the group's second album, "Welcome Home" from 1986.

After several listenings I must conclude that the music is not on the same level as her solo albums. The voice is there; the songwriting only partially. There are few songs that really makes an impression. The strongest probably are "What About Love", "Will She Just Fall Down" and "David Denies".

If you are a fan of the 1980s popsounds and stars like Kim Wilde and Madonna you will probably also like a lot of 'Til Tuesday’s music. Although I have great respect for both artists mentioned, they have never been in the top of my personal charts, and I have no expectations that 'Til Tuesday're ever will be either. Fortunately, there are still several Aimee Mann albums I have not heard and which I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with.

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