Moi Caprice

We Had Faces Then - Glorious Records 2008

Tracks: 1. Rising and Falling Points of Dust / 2. Love at Last Sight / 3. The Devil Travels Fast / 4. Something Very Clouded / 5. With You and Against Everything / 6. A City Winter / 7. The Same House Seen From All Possible Angles / 8. Someone Spent His Life With Her / 9. We Leave Tonight / 10. Windmills / 11. Postcard Margins


After the exceptionally successful album "The Art of Kissing Properly" from 2006 Moi Caprice released in 2008 the follow-up album "We Had Faces Then".

The fact that "The Art of Kissing Properly" has not received widerspread recognition is both incomprehensible and unfair. The album is a perfect indie-pop/rock album filled with memorable songs and intelligent lyrics. The explanation is perhaps, among other things, sought in the fact that Moi Caprice comes from a country like Denmark, which in music context may appear obscure. However, I believe that the group with time in music history books will get their deserved recognition.

What about "We Had Faces Then"? Actually it is not far from being a new masterpiece. Genre wise, the album is a logical extension of its predecessor without major musical changes. Most importantly, however, it is that the songwriting keeps the high level, which it does. Where "The Art of Kissing Properly" was actually without lowpoints, you might say that "We Had Faces Then" lose a little bit of energy towards the end, without by any means being bad.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of catchy tunes that can withstand being played over and over again.

The first three songs "Rising and Falling Points of Dust", "Love at Last Sight" and "The Devil Travels Fast" is Moi Caprice at their best, and the following six track come very close to the same level.

Apart from a compilation album in 2009, there has been no new releases from the group, whose singer Michael Moller meanwhile has released some solo stuff.

There is definitely reason to have high expectations for the group's next album, which hopefully in a not too distant future, will come out.

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