Ten Years After

Watt - Chrysalis 1970

Tracks: 1. I'm Coming On / 2. My Baby Left Me / 3. Think About the Times / 4. I Say Yeah / 5. The Band With No Name / 6. Gonna Run / 7. She Lies in the Morning / 8. Sweet Little Sixteen


"Watt" was Ten Years After's fifth studio album and the second to be released in 1970. The group was at the height of popularity after the success of the previous album "Cricklewood Green" and the single "Love Like a Man".

"Watt" was a fine sequel to "CR", but it did not have the song that could repeat "Love Like a Man" 's success in the singles charts.

Guitarist Alvin Lee wrote, as the previous album, all the tracks (except of course live recording of "Sweet Little Sixteen). Lee's songwriting is relatively simple with strong base in the blues. There is also focus on the melodic side of the band, which is particularly reflected in the more subdued tracks like "Think About the Times," "My Baby Left Me" and the instrumental "The Band With No Name". In the more rocking end you'll enjoy "I'm Coming On," "I Say Yeah" and "Gonna Run".

All these numbers are fine examples of the group at its best. The long track "She Lies in the Morning" somehow comes out a little unfinished, and leaves you uncertain of which direction it wants to take you. The live recording seems a bit like filler and seems a little bit out of place.

Still a solid sequel to "Cricklewood Green"

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