Jethro Tull

War Child - Chrysalis 1974

Tracks: 1. Warchild / 2. Queen And Country / 3. Ladies / 4. Back-Door Angels / 5. Sealion / 6. Skating Away / 7. Bungle In The Jungle / 8. Only Solitaire / 9. Third Hoorah / 10. Two Fingers / 11. Warchild Waltz / 12. Quartet / 13. Paradise Steakhouse / 14. Sealion 2 / 15. Rainbow Blues / 16. Glory Row / 17. Saturation


After the disappointment with "A Passion Play" this album shows Tull headed in the "right" direction. Though not one of their very best albums, there are great songs that makes it impossible to ignore it.

After two solid tracks "Warchild" the title track and "Queen and Country", the acoustic "Ladies" is where excitement begins. Pretty melody and great arrangement. "Back-Door Angels" has its moments but like the first two tracks it feels a little abrupt and disconnected; which could also be said about "Sealion", an even more confusing track.

"Skating Away on Thin Ice", which opened the original album's side 2, is one of my all-time Tull favorites and the single "Bungle in the Jungle" is catchy and delightfully free-and-easy.

The short acoustic track "Only Solitaire" is just a pretty little song. A Typical Anderson song. "The Third Hoorah" is musically not very interesting, lyrically a part of the "Warchild" concept. "Two Fingers" was originally the closing track ( this CD contains 7 bonus tracks ) - a solid track, but nothing more.

The bonus tracks: "Warchild Waltz" is an orchestra instrumental - does not sound like Jethro Tull music. I would have put it on as the last track; or on second thoughts, just left it out. "Quartet" is another weird instrumental track - not much better than "Warchild Waltz". "Paradise Steakhouse" is a good track, with a riff reminding me of "To Sing You a Song" of "Benefit". "Sealion 2" and "Rainbow Blues" are both solid tracks, "Glory Train" a little better than that; and the final track "Saturation" has its moments but sounds unfinished.

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