Voulez-Vous - Polar 1979

Tracks: 1. As Good As New / 2. Voulez-Vous / 3. I Have A Dream / 4. Angel Eyes / 5. The King Has Lost His Crown / 6. Does Your Mother Know / 7. If It Wasn't For The Nights / 8. Chiquitita / 9. Lovers (Live A Little Longer) / 10. Kisses Of Fire / 11. Summer Night City / 12. Lovelight / 13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)


Abbas sixth album, "Voulez-Vous", from 1979 was recorded over a period of one year with the title track is actually recorded in Miami USA. Nevertheless, the album is one of the group's most consistent and most successful.

Only a few songs fall into the category of "forgettable" and besides the big hits "Chiquitita", "Voulez-Vous", "Does Your Mother Know", "I Have a Dream" and "Angel Eyes" it has the strong "As Good as New ", which really might have been able to make it as big as" Chiquitita ".

The album is Abba's most funky and disco-inspired, which characterizes the majority of the songs. Though this is not to the point where the characteristic Abba sound is gone.

There are also songs of Abba's well-known musical style, such as "I Have a Dream" and "Chiquitita".

"Does Your Mother Know" is Abba rock as its best. All in all, a beautiful and like always a well produced album from the group.

The bonus-tracks are great additions; especially "Gimme! Gimme" Gimme".

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