The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Volume One - Fifo 1966

Tracks: 1. Something You Got / 2. Work Song / 3. Louie, Louie / 4. Don't Break My Balloon / 4. You Really Got Me / 5. Don't Let Anything!!! Stand in Your Way / 6. I Won't Hurt You / 7. If You Want This Love / 8. Insanity / 9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue / 10. She Belongs to Me / 11. She Surely Must Know* / 12. Sassafras* / 13. She May Call You Up Tonight* / 14. One Day* / 15. Funny How Love Can Be* / 16. Bad* / 17. Endless Night* / 18. Tell Me What You Want to Know* / 19. You and Me* / 20. Chimes of Freedom* / Scuse Me Miss Rose*


No sophistication here! Down to earth garage rock - not unlike Standells or early Paul Revere. The is a reissue of their rare 1966 Fifi album. Production is very cheap, but lots of raw energy.

Well known favorites like "Something You Got", "Louie Louie", "You Really Got Me", "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" and "She Belongs to Me" Mixed with fine originals of more melodic such as "Don't Let Anything Stand in Your Way", "I Won't Hurt You" ( Buddy Holly inspired ) and "Sassafras" A fine version of Left Banke's "She Must Call You Up Tonight" The bonus tracks are generally of poorer sound quality, "Chimes of Freedom" fine and heartfelt.

My Favorite tracks are "It's All Over Now Baby Blue", the Buddy Holly inspired "I Won't Hurt You" and the Left Banke’s gorgeous "She May Call You Up Tonight"

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