The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Vol. 2 - Reprise 1967

Tracks: 1. In The Arena / 2. Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes / 3. Buddha / 4. Smell Of Incense / 5. Overture: Wcpaeb, Pt. II / 6. Queen Nymphet / 7. Unfree Child / 8. Carte Blanche / 9. Delicate Fawn / 10. Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday / 11. Smell Of Incense* / 12. Unfree Child*


Compared to the predecessor "Part One", "Volume Two" from 1967 is further scaled up on experiments, giving less space for chiming guitars and vocal hamonies.

There is quite a variety in style/genre and unexpected instruments show up here and there (banjo, bagpipes, etc.). Lyrically, ”poet” Bob Markley spans from his unusually big fascination with young girls and political messages; sometimes delivered by the group as speech / recitation.

The most melodic and easiest available song is probably the fine "Smell and Incense", which is also found in some clumsily edited single version. Also "Queen Nymphet" and "Tracy Had a Hard Day Sunday" are subdued, melodic and nicely arranged songs.

Most other numbers are, to varying degrees, more complex with elements from different genres. You will at places find great blues-guitar playing which may lead your mind to The Yardbirds. In this category I find "In the Arena", "Unfree Child" and "Delicate Fawn" the most successful.

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