Viva la Vida - Parlophone 2008

Tracks: 1. Life In Technicolor / 2. Cemeteries Of London / 3. Lost! / 4. 42 / 5. Lovers In Japan / 6. Yes / 7. Viva La Vida / 8. Violet Hill / 9. Strawberry Swing / 10. Death And All His Friends


I actually first got to know "Viva la Vida" after buying the mini-album, "Prospekts March", which I found really nice. Especially songs like "Life in Technicolor II", "Glass of Water", "Rainy Day," "Lost" and the fine acoustic final number "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground" were so strong that I also had to buy "Viva la Vida".

I knew, of course, the delicate title song, and it turned out that several numbers were repeats compared to "Prospekts March" - in different versions, though. "Life in Technicolor" is still a nice number, but I clearly prefer vocal version of "Prospekts March".

"Lost" is obviously a stand-out, but otherwise favorites are "Cemetaries of London", "Yes" and "Strawberry Hill", which in varying degrees seem inspired by the Velvet Underground. The melodic "Reign of Love" which is tied together with "Lovers in Japan" is so such a strong song that I think it should have stood alone.

Another great album from Coldplay

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