Leonard Cohen

Various Positions - Columbia 1984

Tracks: 1. Dance Me to the End of Love / 2. Coming Back to You/ 3. The Law / 4. Night Comes On / 5. Hallelujah / 6. The Captain / 7. Hunter's Lullaby / 8. Heart With No Companion / 9. If It Be Your Will


"Various Positions" from 1984 is probably best remembered for containing Cohen's big classic "Hallelujah" . "Hallelujah" has since recorded in numerous versions, and there are many opinions about which ones are the best - it is Cohen's own, John Cale 's, Jeff Buckley's or one of the less profiled versions?

"Various Positions" is thankfully much more than just "Hallelujah". Apart from being a musical transition album for Cohen from the indigenous fok artist towards the more modern performer as on "I'm Your Man" and "The Future," "Various Positions" is also an album with just many great songs.

The somewhat neglected "Night Comes On" along with "Coming Back to You" are probably my personal favorites , but otherwise you will find the live favorites like "Dance Me to the End of Love", "Heart With no Companion" and "If it Be Your Will" .

Cohen's tradition of great female company is continued on this album ; especially marked by Jennifer Warnes, who is vocally featured on most songs. Also names like Leanne Ungar and Anjani Thomas are familiar in Cohen contexts.

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