Fairport Convention

Unhalfbricking - Island 1969

Tracks: 1. Genesis Hall / 2. Si Tu Dois Partir / 3. Autopsy / 4. Sailor's Life / 5. Cajun Woman / 6. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? / 7. Percy's Song / 8. Million Dollar Bash / 9. Dear Landlord [*] / 10. Ballad of Easy Rider [*]


As Ashley Hutchings says in the notes, this 3rd Fairport album contains various different styles that somehow, by luck?, hang very well together. It`s an album that ends the beginning era of the band. With the following album "Liege and Leaf", also released in 1969, Fairport Convention established themselves as pioneers of English folk rock.

On the this album there are still clear influences from American country, pop and rock`n roll. Songs like "Cajun Woman" and "Million Dollar Bash" would not have fitted later Fairport releases. This is an album of transition. The last to feature drummer Martin Lamble, who sadly was killed in a car-accident, and singer Ian Matthews.

Longtime member Dave Swarbrick appears here for the first time, though only as studio musician on four songs. But his influence cannot be overrated; check out "A Sailor's Life" . New drummer Dave Mattacks also appears for the first time, though only on one of the bonus tracks, which is actually an outtake from "Liege and Leaf"

Sandy Denny contributes classics like "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" and "Autopsy". Richard Thompson`s best song here is "Genesis Hall". My favourite is Dylan`s "Percy Song" with it`s beautiful vocals and great building up!

The band`s only hit record "Si Tu Dois Partir" is also there. It's a free-and-easy cover of Dylan`s "If You Gotta Go, Go Now" Both bonus tracks a good, fit the rest of the album fine!

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