Jethro Tull

Under Wraps - Chrysalis 1984

Tracks: 1. Lap of Luxury / 2. Under Wraps, No. 1 / 3. European Legacy / 4. Later That Same Evening / 5. Saboteur / 6. Radio Free Moscow / 7. Astronomy / 8. Tundra / 9. Nobody's Car / 10. Heat / 11. Under Wraps, No. 2 / 12. Paparazzi / 13. Apogee / 14. Automotive Engineering / 15. General Crossing


There is generally something very annoying about the way many groups produced their drums in the 1980s. The drums were often zealously, mechanically cold; especially with the snare drum spiltting the music into pieces.

Jethro Tull's "Under Wraps" from 1984 is an extreme example of this annoying phenomenon. Simultaneously with the almost unbearable drums, the album also suffers from synth / keys, which hysterically try to camouflage that the songs are in fact in many cases are not very good. Now, I may sound like one who generally does not like this group. This is far from the case. I actually think I was quite loyal for many years, but with the relatively disappointing "Stormwatch"; "A" and "Broadsword and the Beast" my enthusiasm gradually ebbed out. I must note that all three aforementioned albums all contain more several fine songs.

Because of the "abuse" it can be difficult to determine how many good ”songs” "Under Wraps" actually contain. I will, without hesitation, emphasize the acoustic "Under Wraps 2" as an absolutely fine song that lights up in this wretchedness. I my positivity I have come to the conclusion that "European Legacy" is actually a pretty good track, which a better production could have turned into a really good song. Very sad that Ian Anderson did noti distance himself from this annoying 80's trend.

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