Lana Del Rey

Ultraviolence / Interscope Records 2014

Tracks: 1. Cruel World / 2. Ultraviolence / 3. Shades Of Coo / 4. Brooklyn Baby / 5. West Coast / 6. Sad Girl / 7. Pretty When You Cry / 8. Money Power Glory / 9. Fucked My Way Up To The Top / 10. Old Money / 11. The Other Woman


Lana Del Rey's highly anticipated album "Ultraviolence" will probably disappoint some fans by not, like its predecessor "Born to Die”, containing obvious radio hits such as "Blue Jeans," "Video Games", "Born to Die" or "Cola".

On the other hand songs like "Cruel World", "Brooklyn Baby", "Old Money" and the title song "Ultraviolence" are likely, after a few listening, to become favorites among Del Rey's fans. Other less catchy songs will probably require more time, while some again, for me at least, probably never be a part of the favorites.

All in all, a this is a very evocative album, characterized by great sound, Del Rey's personal attitude and her often disillusioned lyrics.

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