Two Against Nature - Giant 2000

Tracks: 1. Gaslighting Abbie / 2. What A Shame About Me / 3. Two Against Nature / 4. Janie Runaway / 5. Almost Gothic / 6. Jack Of Speed / 7. Cousin Dupree / 8. Negative Girl / 9. West Of Hollywood


"Two Against Nature" was Steely Dan's comeback album in 2000 after almost twenty year break since "Gaucho".

The album has received much praise, and it is of course nice to hear new material from the group. Perhaps the album was, with the enthusiasm that the group recorded again, somewhat overestimated. Instrumentally and lyrically it has the level of the golden past; but many of the songs' melodic profiles are somewhat loose and some of them also seem a bit lengthy.

Of course there are exceptions to this. "Almost Gothic" and partly also "What a Shame About Me" have the familiar Steely Dan high standards.

The album's successor Everything Must Go "is in my estimation much more successful.

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