The Shirelles

The Shirelles And King Curtis Give A Twist Party - Scepter 1962

Tracks: 1. Mama, Here Comes The Bride / 2. Take The Last Train Home / 3. I Got A Woman / 4. I Still Want You / 5. Take The Last Train Home / 6. Love Is A Swinging Thing / 7. Ooh Poo Pah Doo / 8. New Orleans / 9. Mister Twister / 10. Potato Chips


This album is, as the title tells, collaboration between saxophonist King Curtis and The Shirelles. The album does not reach the high levels of the previous - far from it. Unless you are a fan of pop-jazz, nothing much to go for here. Most of King Curtis' s contributions are instrumentals - decent but not very interesting. The Shirelles' own numbers are not much better - the songwriting is simply not exciting enough. The best songs "I Still Want You" and "Welcome Home Baby" can at best be called mediocre - a disappointing album.

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