Sam Cooke

Twistin' the Night Away - RCA - 1962

Tracks: 1. Twistin' The Night Away / 2. Sugar Dumpling / 3. Twistin' in the Kitchen / 4. Somebody Gonna Miss Me / 5. Whole Lotta Woman / 6. Twist / 7. Twistin' In The Old Town / 8. Movin' And A Grovin' / 9. Camptown Twist / 10. Somebody Have Mercy / 11. Soothe Me / 12. That's it, I Quit, I'm Moving On


Sam Cooke perhaps never released the perfect studio album, but he did release some very good ones - and unfortunately also a couple very disappointings ones, too. ”Twisting the Night Away” certainly belongs to the first category. Not least because Cooke as a songwriter, unlike on several of his other albums, here plays a major role. Although the theme of "Twist" is repeated in many of the songs this really doesn’t play any major role for the music as”the twist” was merely a particular way of dancing. Cooke gives these pop tunes a fine touch of soul which has made the viable. The title track, "Twistin 'in the Kitchen with Dinah" and "Whole Lotta Woman" are obvious candidates for an "Ultimate Sam Cooke Collection", while "Sugar Dumpling", "Soothe Me" and "Somebody Have Mercy" are winners in the long run - the latter may remind you of his more famous "Sad Mood", which on certain releases of this album can be found as a bonus track.

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