Twice As Nice Half The Price - Dawn 1971

Tracks: 1. You Really Got a Hold on Me / 2. The Great Dust Storm / 3. My Turn to Cry / 4. This ol Heart of Mine / 5. Minstrel and a King / 6. Getting m Down / 7. I Wouldnt Mind / 8. Hes a Poor Boy / 9. The Devil / 10. Wanderer / 11. Harlequin 5 / 12. Madman / 13. Take Me Back Home / 14. Love 13 / 15. Something Inside / 16. Miss Kiss / 17. John Brown / 18. Big A. / 19. / Winter Harlequin / 20 The Sound of Music / 21. Your Love and Mine


This second Heron album from 1972 was originally released as a double album at the price of one; hence the title.

The album shows a greater variety of musical styles than the 1970 debut album. Still it's the acoustic folk-style that's predominant, mixed with some more rocking tunes. Most of the album was recorded out in the open outside a Devon country cottage, which gives the album an unique atmosphere.

Their songwriting is even more convincing here than on their debut. Their have 2 excellent songwriters in Gerald T. Moore and Roy Apps ( who is still with the band ).

Here on their early records it's Moore who is shining the most. His songs "My Turn to Cry", "Minstrel and the King", "The Devil" and "Big A" are simply outstanding. Roy Apps' strongest contributions here are probably "Take Me back Home" and "Your Love and Mine". Another favourite out mine is their charming version of Woody Guthrie's "The Great Dust Storm".

A shame that a lot of people are not aware that the band is still together and recording fine new material from time to time, released on their own Relaxx label.

Roy Apps has once stated that the album probably ought to have been cut down to a single album; maybe . . but it would have been extremely hard to pick out the tracks that would have to go!

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