Flash and the Pan

The 12 Inch Mixes - Repertoire Records, 2012

Tracks: 1. Waiting For A Train (Extended Version) / 2. Midnight Man (Extended Remix Version) / 3. Early Morning Wake Up Call (Extended Version) / 4. Communication Breakdown (Remix) / 5. Ayla (Disco Mix) / 6. Money Donít Lie (Extended Version) / 7. Yesterdayís Gone (Extended Version) / 8. Media Man (Club Version) / 9. Burning Up The Night (12Ē Version) / 10. Walking In The Rain 96 (FX Recon 96 Mix) / 11. Ayla (Outta Town Mix) / 12. Waiting For A Train 89 / 13. Waiting For A Train (Disco Version) / 14. Waiting For A Train (Instrumental Version) / 15. Midnight Man (Instrumental Version) / 16. Walking In The Rain 96 (Phar Out Dub) / 17. Walking In The Rain 96 (SF Club Edit) / 18. Walking In The Rain 96 (Raw Club Mix)


This is a collection of Flash and the Pan's many extended mixes and remixes that were released mostly on 12 inch vinyl in the period 1982 to 1996. I am personally a very big fan of the group ( the duo ) duo's music, which unfortunately still is not as well known as it deserves to be.

All these 18 tracks, spread over 2 CDs, are alternative versions of tracks which, incidentally, can be found on the various six original albums which Flash and the Pan released; all highly recommended. This special issue is addressed mostly for fans of extended mixes, which for many young people was the big thing in the 1980s, a genre which Flash and the Pan, had large part in creating. In addition, the collectors of the group, will enjoy these different and often longer versions of familiar tracks; personally, I prefer the originals, but I can enjoy these versions, too.

High praise also to Repertoire Records for having set out to re-release all the group's albums with relevant bonus tracks, moreover, in a sound thatís really the group's excellent music worthy.

Great music, but don't miss the originals!!

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