Francoise Hardy

Le premier bonheur du jour - Vogue 1963

Tracks: 1. Around and Around / 2. Confessin’ the Blues / 3. Empty Heart / 4. Time is on my Side / 5. Good Times, Bad Times / 6. It’s All Over Now / 7. 2120 Michigan Avenue / 8. Under the Boardwalk / 9. Congratualtions / 10. Grown Up Wrong / 11. If You Need Me / 12. Susie Q


"12 X 5" was the second Stones Album released in America. In fact, it was released before "Rolling Stones 2", which released a few months later, and which is considered the "real" second Stones album.

"12 X 5" is built around the EP "Five by Five" with Chuck Berry's "Around and Around" and Wilson Pickett's "If You Need Me" as the key-songs. In addition, there are singles "It's All Over Now" and "Time Is On My Side" with their respective B-sides, as well as three songs that would be featured on"Rolling Stones 2". Only five songs are Rolling Stones originals (Jagger / Richards + Nanker / Phelge)

Highlights include The great version of The Drifters’ hit "Under the Boardwalk", the solid version of "Around and Around" and "It's All Over Now". Among Stones's originals, I find the bluesy "Good Times, Bad Times" clearly the most interesting. At this point, the group has not yet developed the songwriters talent which later gave us great songs like ”Ruby Tuesday”, ”She’s a Rainbow” and many many more.

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