The Animals

The Twain Shall Meet - MGM 1968

Tracks: 1. Monterey / 2. Just the Thought / 3. Closer to the Truth / 4. No Self Pity / 5. Orange and Red Beams / 6. Sky Pilot / 7. We Love You Lil / 8. All Is One


"The Twain Shall Meet" from 1968 was the second album from Eric Burdon's American Animals. The most well-known songs from the album are undoubtedly the singles "Sky Pilot" (a spacey anti war song) and the tribute to the Montery Pop Festival, "Monterey".

As a whole, it's a pretty trippy album influenced by both the American West Coast and the British pop psych wave.

On several songs, Burdon is experimenting with his vocals, and in some places his otherwise very characteristic voice may be difficult to recognize. Instrumentally, the album is varied and makes use of an unusually large number of different instruments; e.g. oboe, citar and bagpipes. This is especially true of the very complex end-song , "All Is One".

There are a couple of fine melodic songs like the slightly sad "Just the Thought" and "Orange and Red Beams"

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