Elton John

Tumbleweed Connection - DJM 1970

Tracks: 1. Ballad of a Well-Known Gun / 2. Come Down in Time / 3. Country Comfort / 4. Son of Your Father / 5. My Father's Gun / 6. Where to Now St. Peter? / 7. Love Song / 8. Amoreena / 9. Talking Old Soldiers / 10. Burn Down the Mission // 1. There Goes a Well-Known Gun [*] / 2. Come Down in Time[*] / 3. Country Comfort[*] / 4. Son of Your Father [*) / 5. Talking Old Soldiers [*] / 6. Into the Old Man's Shoes [Piano Demo) [*] / 7. Sisters of the Cross[*] / 8. Madman Across the Water [Original Vers.][*] / 9. Into the Old Man's Shoes [*] / 10. My Father's Gun [BBC][*] / 11. Ballad of a Well-Known Gun [BBC)[*] / 12. Burn Down the Mission [BBC)[*] ( 13. Amoreena [BBC][*]


"Tumbleweed Connection" which was Elton John's third studio album, is one of his most American inspired records. The western style atmosphere is also on the albumcover so you get a good hint of what direction John is going in his music. It could be called a concept album mostly based on the country and western / Americana themes.

Several songs seem strongly inspired by singer/songwriters like Carole King and James Taylor. This applies for songs like "Country Comfort" and especially the delicate love song "Amoreena".

The album is characterized by fine melodies and good lyrics, and a with vocalbacking consisting of Dusty Springfield, Madeleine Bell and others on several songs things almost cannot go wrong.

One song stands out from the rest of the songs, by being very folkish; almost Crosby, Stills and Nash-like. This is "Love Song" written Leslie Duncan, who also sings backing on several tracks. The song is also one of several highlights on the album.

Among the other tracks also "My Father's Gun", "Where to Now, St. Peter?" and of course "Country Comfort" stand out. Remarkable, by the way, that there are no single-hits to be found here, which is quite unusual for an early Elton John album.

Among the many bonus tracks which are generally fine, I am particularly fond of the fine B-side "Into the Old Man's Shoes" and the exciting early version of "Madman Across the Water", with fine guitar playing from Mick Ronson.

Definitely an Elton John's most complete albums.

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