JJ Cale

To Tulsa and Back - Sanctuary 2004

Tracks: 1. My Gal / 2. Chains Of Love / 3. New Lover / 4. One Step / 5. Stone River / 6. The Problem / 7. Homeless / 8. Fancy Dancer / 9. Rio / 10. These Blues / 11. Motormouth / 12. Blues For Mama


There was a long time gap between this 2004 album and Cale's previous studio album "Guitar Man". But as always: new Cale albums are always worth waiting for.

No big changes in his musical style. He sticks with his classic laid back style. Most of the songs on this new album have brothers or sisters in his extensive back-catalogue. "My Gal" and "Jailer", "The Problem" and "I`ll Kiss The World Goodbye" , "Rio" and "Don`t Cry Sister" etc. This is no problem for me personally, because us usual the "feeling" is there.

The album starts off with 5 traditional Cale songs. It is not until the 6th track that the melodic side of him really shows. "The Problem", "Homeless" and "Fancy Dancer" are already favourites of mine.

Cale has made yet another fine album and has lived up to his own high standards. "Grasshopper" is still my favourite album, though.

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