Suzanne Vega

Tried and True ( comp. ) - AM Records 1999

Tracks: 1. Luka / 2. Tom's Diner {DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega} / 3. Marlene on the Wall / 4. Caramel / 5. 99.9 F. / 6. Small Blue Thing / 7. Blood Makes Noise / 8. Left of Center / 9. In Liverpool / 10. Gypsy / 11. Book of Dreams / 12. No Cheap Thrill / 13. World Before Columbus / 14. When Heroes Go Down / 15. Queen and the Soldier / 16. Book and a Cover / 17. Rosemary


This was the first compilation of Suzanne Vega`s best songs released in 1998; featuring songs from her first 5 albums, two new recordings and the rare "Left of Center" from the soundtrack "Pretty in Pink". It`s always a matter of taste which songs are actually the best; in my opinion this album does the job pretty well.

From her debut album "Marlene on the Wall", "A Small Blue Thing" and "The Queen and the Soldier" (her great song about power, loyalty and honesty) are obvious choices. I would not have minded "Cracking" being there too, but these 3 songs represent that album perfectly.

From "Solitude Standing" it`s the same; the best songs are there, but a few more would not have harmed the collection.

I have always considered her third album "Days of Open Hand" her weakest; it seems the compiler of this album feels the same since he`s only selected "Book of Dreams" from the album. "Tired of Sleeping" would also have been a good choice.

On "99,9 F" Vega experiments with new sounds and rhythms. When the album was originally released, I was not so sure if I liked her direction; now it's my favourite and the title track, "Blood Makes Noise", "In Liverpool" and "When Heroes Go Down" are all great tracks. The slightly "jazzy" "Nine Objects of Desire" is represented by "World Before Columbus", "Caramel" and "No Cheap Thrill". It`s a good album, where most song could have deserved selection. My favourite "Headshot" is not here, but then I have the original album already.

Both new songs "Book and a Cover" and "Rosemary" are good which was fine for me, since I had already bought her original albums.

This CD is highly recommendable, and if you want more of the same, you can seek out the 2 CD "Retrospective" or simply get her original albums - they are all worth it.

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