Beau Brummels

Triangle - Warner Brothers 1967

Tracks: 1. Are You Happy / 2. Only Dreaming Now / 3. Painter Of Women / 4. The Keeper Of Time / 5. It Won't Get Better / 6. Nine Pound Hammer / 7. Magic Hollow / 8. And I've Seen Her / 9. Triangle / 10. The Wolf Of Velvet Fortune / 11. Old Kentucky Home


I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with this album. Several places "Triangle" has been referred to as a classic album and as the best album by the band. It does feature several fine strings-arrangements by Van Dyke Park, but the overall lack of real good songs, makes the album a pretty dull experience.

Actually the first song that really stirred my attention was Randy Newman's "My Old Kentucky Home" and by the end of that song, the album was over. A few more songs like "Magic Hollow" and and the title track lift themselves above average, but not enough to make the album really interesting.

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