Savage Rose

Travellin'- Polydor 1969

Tracks: 1. I'm Satisfied Mr Captain / 2. Look Out / 3. Sailing Away / 4. Your Lifetime's a Fairytale / 5. The Castle / 6. Travellin' / 7. Life's Other Side / 8. My Family Was Gay


Third album from Savage Rose, one of the very few truly original bands to come out of Denmark in the 1960's. In the early years there were quite a few changes in the line-up, but with the two Koppel brothers and the unique voice of Annisette as their corner-stones, they were always musically way ahead of most of bands of their time.

As the title of this album indicates, they had been touring quite heavily since their break-through in late 1967, and there may have been some exhaustion within the band at the time of these recordings.

Their first two album were both near perfect, and this one is also great, but slightly more uneven. Standouts are the slower tracks "Sailing Away" and "The Castle". The title track "Travellin" is nothing less than charming - an unusually folkish recording by the band, without Annisette's trademark vocals - their third fourth single and a personal favourite. Also the opening track "I'm Satisfied Mr Captain" with it's weird lyrics is great. And the epic closing track "My Family was Gay" is also a standout with it's at times weird harmonies and even weirder lyrics.

Musically the early Savage Rose were very unique, but could be compared with artists like Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and Janis Joplin.

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