Lou Reed

Transformer - RCA 1972

Tracks: 1. Vicious / 2. Andy's Chest / 3. Perfect Day / 4. Hangin' 'Round / 5. Walk On The Wild Side / 6. Make Up / 7. Satellite Of Love / 8. Wagon Wheel / 9. New York Telephone Conversation / 10. I'm So Free / 11. Goodnight Ladies / 12. Hangin' 'Round (Demo) / 13. Perfect Day (Demo)


"Transformer" was Reed's second solo album. It was produced David Bowie and Mick Ronson and recorded at Trident studios in England. The Bowie/Ronson influence on Lou Reed's sound is very obvious, especially if you compare it to his first solo album. Many tracks give remindings of both "Honky Dory" and "Ziggy Stardust", and Bowie himself appear on backing-vocals on several tracks.

Lou Reed's songwriting was never better than on this album, and with musicians like Mick Ronson, Klaus Voorman and other skilled people, the album was almost bound to be a classic. And time has proved it to be! There is a great variety of styles, and the Reed, Bowie, Ronson team is capable of handling them all.

The opening track "Vicious" is one of Reed's greatest rockers. "Perfect Day" is such a beautiful ballad. "Satellite of Love" such a catchy pop-tune; lots of Bowie influence on this. "Walk on the Wild Side" was Lou Reed's commercial break-though and "Andy's Chest" is an often overlooked pearl with a great build-up. And the rest of the album is just great.

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