Los Lobos

The Town and the City - Hollywood 2006

Tracks: 1. The Valley / 2. Hold On / 3. The Road To Gila Bend / 4. Chuco's Cumbia / 5. If You Were Only Here Tonight / 6. Luna / 7. Two Dogs And A Bone / 8. Little Things / 9. The City / 10. Don't Ask Why / 11. No Puedo Mas / 12. Free Up / 13. The Town


After a couple of pretty disappointing albums released in the 1990's Los Lobos returned to form with fine albums such as "Good Morning Aztlan" and "The Ride". The band continues the positive direction with 2006 release "The Town and the City". Though never as adventurous and consistent as their two greatest albums "Kiko" and "The Neighborhood", the album contains lots of great music.

More room is given to the soft melodic side of the band which suits the voice of David Hidalgo so well. Highlights for me are the two Hidalgo ballads "If You Were Only Here Tonight" and "Little Things". Among the harder up-beat track "The Road to Gila Bend" stands out - this song would have fitted nicely into the "Kiko" album.

Key songs, of course, are the two title tracks, "The City" and "The Town". "The City" is both rhytmic and grandiose, lyrically dealing with the alluring night-life of the city. "The Town" deals with the darker side of city life. A great bluesy song that makes a perfect ending to another fine Los Lobos album.

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