Sarah McLachlan

Touch - Nettwerk 1988 / Arista 1989

Tracks: 1. Out Of The Shadows / 2. Steaming / 3. Strange World / 4. Touch (Instrumental) / 5. Vox / 6. Sad Clown / 7. Uphill Battle (Instrumental) / 8. Ben's Song / 9. Vox / 10. Ben's Song


Though Sarah McLachlan was very young at the time ( 1988 ) when she recorded her first album "Touch", her great talent clearly shines throughout the album. She has obviously matured both as a singer and especially as a songwriter since then; but there are really fine songs to be found here too. Recorded in the late 1980's it's no surprise that there is the typical 1980's sound on most tracks, and fans of her great albums of the 1990's may find this album somewhat over-produced.

For me the standout track is the catchy "Vox"; one the songs that sound the most like later recordings. Quieter songs like "Out of the Shadows" and "Strangest World" are also among my favourites.

The album documents McLachlan's great talents as a songwriter, as a singer and also as an intrumentalist - she plays a lot of beatiful acoustic guitar and piano.

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