The Jayhawks

Tomorrow the Green Grass - American 1995

Tracks: 1. Blue / 2. I'd Run Away / 3. Miss Williams' Guitar / 4. Two Hearts / 5. Real Light / 6. Over My Shoulder / 7. Bad Time / 8. See Him on the Street / 9. Nothing Left to Borrow / 10. Ann Jane / 11. Pray for Me / 12. Red's Song / 13. Ten Little Kids


The Jayhawks play a classic kind of country rock which is often characterized by fine vocal harmonies and melodious guitars. One senses a great inspiration from early groups like The Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers.

The best songs are really good and of the weakest could be said that they are quite nice but also a little dull. The main forces of this version of the group are guitarists and singers Mark Olson and Gary Louvris. These two are also competent songwriters, although not characterized by greater originality in their songstructures. This is in fact the group's biggest weakness. The whole thing is perhaps a little too neat and too predictable.

Together with its predecessor, "Hollywood Town Hall," "Tomorrow the Green Grass" is often considered as the group's best album release. There are indeed also really fine songs to find. "Blue" is a strong opener; a catchy ballad with fine vocal harmonies. Slightly In the same category you’ll find the equally strong "Two Hearts". "I'd Run Away" stand out for its great and surprising strings arrangement.

Among the more upbeat tracks you may note "Pray for Me" with its great guitar solo which seems strongly inspired by the Byrds guitarist Clarence White. I won’t call any track weak, but there is quite large degree of predictability in some, an this, of course, influences the overall impression.

The group leave space for a single cover version; a quite nice and catchy version of Grand Funk Railroad's "Bad Time"

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