Tomorrow - Parlophone - 1968

Tracks: 1. My White Bicycle / 2. Colonel Brown / 3. Real Life Permanent Dream / 4. Shy Boy / 5. Revolution / 6. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase / 7. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop / 8. Strawberry Fields Forever / 9. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs / 10. Now Your Time Has Come / 11. Hallucinations


Tomorrow only existed as a band for a short while. This CD together with the Keith West CD "Excerpts from Groups and Sessions", pretty much covers what recorded material Tomorrow did. The CD contains their 1968 Parlophone album + 11 bonus tracks.

The music is typically British 1960`s psychedelic style; somewhere between Pink Floyd, Traffic or Pretty Things. Most of the songs catchy and melodic, featuring great guitar parts by Stewe Howe. Their career as a band was more or less spoiled by the success of singer Keith West as a solo artist with his "Teenage Opera" project.

The original album contains their "minor" hit single "My White Bicycle" which is probably the one track that most people will remember. There are other highlights as well. "Real Life Permanent Dream" is a great song featuring cithar. Most of the original album is actually pretty strong.

Among the bonus tracks "Claramount Lake" , the Byrds cover "Why" and the album outtake "Now Your Time Has Come" stand out! This song is a bit of mystery, having the same title as one of the original album tracks. This song is obviously much stronger, so some kind of mistake may have been made when the album was finished. The last 7 bonus tracks are not Tomorrow. 3 are by drummer Twink and bassist john Adler`s band "The Aquarian Age" . 4 are Keith West solo recordings; among which "On a Saturday" is quite a good song.

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