Tommy - Track 1969

Tracks1. Overture / 2. It's A Boy / 3. 1921 / 4. Amazing Journey / 5. Sparks / 6. Eyesight To The Blind / 7. Christmas / 8. Cousin Kevin / 9. The Acid Queen / 10. Underture / 11. Do You Think It's Alright? / 12. Fiddle About / 13. Pinball Wizard / 14. There's A Doctor / 15. Go To The Mirror! / 16. Tommy Can You Hear Me? / 17. Smash The Mirror / 18. Sensation / 19. Miracle Cure / 20. Sally Simpson / 21. I'm Free / 22. Welcome / 23. Tommy's Holiday Camp / 24. We're Not Gonna Take It


"Tommy" is beyond question one of the big milestones of early rock. Musically the band were at the peak of their creativity.

All band members were obviously extremely talented musicians and both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were/are great singers. Apart from few exceptions like "Cousin Kevin" all songs are outstanding; and it's really great to have the whole story on one CD - compared to the old double vinyl album. Though the storyline may seem a little weird today ( to me it always did ), there is so much great music on this album.

The second bonus CD gives a very interesting insight in the developement of some of the songs. Though the sound quality is exellent CD 2 will mainly be of interest to hard-core Who fans. None of these alternate versions are better than the ones chosen for the album, though a few come close. The studio version of "Young Man Blues" which did not appear on the original album is a nice addition too!

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