Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich

Together - Fontana 1969

Tracks:1. Below the Belt / 2. Love is a Drum / 3. First Time of Loving / 4. Bora Bora / 5. Don Juan / 6. Snake in the Grass / 7. P. Teaser / 8. Run Colorado / 9. Margareta Lidman / 10. Mountain of the Moon


"Together", originally released in 1969, was the fourth and the last album to be released as Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich & Tich. Throughout 1966-68 the songwriting team Howard/Blaikley had written most of their material and thus given them 10 top-twenty hit-singles. Most of these songs were really great and are still very listenable.There had been a great varity in style among these hit-singles and this trend continued on their 1969 recordings. But somehow it seems the inspiration had run dry, because, though both "Snake in the Grass" and "Don Juan" reached the 23 spot, it's like the charm and magic isn't there anymore. The Howard/Blaikley songs on "Together" are simply not up to their usual standards; a tendency which already could be sensed on the previous album.

Of course there are a few exceptions, which make the album worthwhile. "Love is a Drum" is a good song, with a great arrangement, and though "First Time Loving" is pretty light-weight it has its charm. "Run Colorado" is a

lso okay. Band members Harman, Davies and Dymond usually wrote a couple of songs for their albums, which worked okay as fillers. Their best offer here is "Margaretha Lidman". There two singles are nothing extraordinary, but also okay.

No surprise that the band decided to call it a day after this album. Dave Dee tried out a solo-career ( without much success ) and the group continued for one more album as D, B, M & T - a much better effort that this rather pale release.

The bonus-tracks are here for completists; The 1982 recording of "Do Wah Diddy" is quite interesting.

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