Cockney Rebel

Timeless Flight - EMI 1975

Tracks: 1. Red Is a Mean, Mean Colour / 2. White, White Dove / 3. Understand / 4. All Men Are Hungry / 5. Black or White (And Step on It) / 6. Everything Changes / 7. Nothing Is Sacred / 8. Don't Go, Don't Cry / 9. Throw Your Soul Down Here / 10. Mad, Mad Moonlight [Live] e


"Timeless Flight" was the fourth album from Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.

From 1973-75 the band had several big single hits, such as Sebastian ( Europe only ), Judy Teen (#4), Mr Soft (#8) and Make Me Smile (#1). When this album was released the band's popularity was already slightly going downwards, and there were no new big hit-singles on the album to change this negative developement for the band. "White, White Dove" and "Black or White" were both chosen for singles releases, but though good tracks, none of them possessed the bold charm and catchy melodies like their predecessors.

Great melodic tracks like "Red is a Mean Mean Colour" and "All Men are Hungry" would probably have had better chances of making it for them. Both songs are quiet laid-back tunes and my personal favourites on the album.

The overall feeling and mood is generally quieter than on their earlier albums, and some tracks are probably harder to get into than most of their previous material. Harley was obviously searching new directions at this point of his career, but the most succesfull tracks are those that lean on his familar melodic and personal funky style.

Besides the two before-mentioned tracks this goes for songs like the acoustic "Nothing is Sacred" and "Black or White"

But the way, when I heard them in Aarhus in 1976/77 they opened the concert with "Don't Go, Don't Cry"; it was a very succesfull opener.

The bonus tracks are the B-sides of the two singles hauled from the album. Especially "Throw Your Soul Down Here" is a great addition.

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