Leigh Nash

The State I'm in - One Son 2015

Tracks: 1. Thanksgiving Day / 2. Yours Truly Confused N10 / 3. London Song / 4. Storyteller / 5. Thanksgiving Day (Alt.)


Leigh Nash’s new album shows a whole different side of the artist than her otherwise excellent debut album "Blue on Blue" from 2006. Where "Blue on Blue" in many ways sounded like a Sixpence None the Richer "album (Matt Slocum did contibute a little to that), "The State I'm in" is an album with deep roots in the classic country (Cline, Williams a.o.) and past pop. Nash is a co-writer to all the songs in collaboration primarily with Jesse Hall and Stephen Wilson.

Most songs are lyrically based in themes such as longing, love and deceit. Musically, the album is catchy and several songs may have potential as new classics in the genre. Many would have fitted very to Patsy Cline, who apparently has been an inspiration for Nash. Vocally is Nash as always on top, and if you are into this type of country music, you probably won’t find it much better.

Personally, I prefer the songs that have a little more modern flair and more resemble her previous releases. Eg. "The Promise Break," which could have been a Sixpence None the Richer song from an album like "The Divine Discontent". Also "High is Better", which sounds a bit like a Dolly Parton song, is fine.

All songs are in their own way listening worthy, but as mentioned, for the most part rather different from what you may have heard from Nash before.

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