The Mountains

The Mountains, The Valleys, The Lakes - Parlophone- 2014

Tracks: 1.The Mountains / 2. They're Too Many/ 3. A Good Place To Bury Your Dreams / 4. The Valleys / 5. Ivalo / 6. Someone Else's Room/ 7. Can We Make It Work / 8. Love And Fame And Death / 9. The Sound Of Our Guns / 10. Between Two Fires / 11. The Lakes


I have long been waiting for news from Moi Caprice, whose last regular album "We Had Faces Then" was released back in 2008. Now, lead singer and songwriter Michael Moeller has formed a new group, The Mountains ", with the brothers Frederik and Fridolin Nordsoe . Whether Moi Caprice has split up or if the group is just pausing is unclear at time of writing.

There is no doubt that Michael Moeller new band-mates are excellent musicians, who also have a penchant for grandiose but also somewhat sterile sound and production. For me, this is my major issue with The Mountains.

The album opens with the great title song "The Mountains", which is a great composition and the production actually works with the song. The second number is probably the closest you get to something that really lsounds like Moi Caprice, and "They're Too Many" is obviously another favorite on the album.

A string of nice sounding but also fairly anonymous tracks follow, and I find it difficult to maintain interest in the music. It lacks the charm and spontaneity that characterized most of Moi Caprice's numbers.

"The Valleys", "Can We Make IT Work" and "The Lakes" are good numbers in their own rights, but it does not change the overall feel of a sterile and somewhat toothless album; unfortunately.

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