The Man Who - Inpendiente 1999

Tracks: 1. Writing to Reach You / 2. Fear / 3. As You Are / 4. Driftwood / 5. Last Laugh of the Laughter / 6. Turn / 7. Why Does It Always Rain on Me? / 8. Luv / 9. She's So Strange / 10. Slide Show


"The Man Who" was Travis big breakthough album, containing no less than 4 top twenty singles; quite impressing! The album itself made it to the number one spot, after a slow start in the charts.

All singles are good, but my favourites are "Turn" and "Driftwood". The album as a whole is less rocking than the debut; in fact it is a rather quiet album. Among the album-tracks songs like "As You Are", "The Last Laugh of the Laughter" and "Slide Show" are likely to grow on you.

I know many fans disagree on this, but I still find "12 Memories" and "The Boy With No Name" more interesting albums.

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