The Invisible Band - Inpendiente 2001

Tracks: 1. Sing / 2. Dear Diary / 3. Side / 4. Pipe Dreams / 5. Flowers in the Window / 6. The Cage / 7. Safe / 8. Follow the Light / 9. Last Train / 10. Afterglow / 11. Indefinitely / 12. The Humpty Dumpty Love Song / 13. Ring Out the Bell* / 14. You Don't Know What I'm Like*


The Invisible Band is Travis' commercially most successful album, and many would argue that this also applies in artistic terms.

Three tracks from the album reached the top twenty, and the songs "Sing" "Side" and "Flowers in the Window" requires no further presentation.

Among the other tracks the album "Follow the Light" is a favorite, this song undoubtedly had the potential to get the album another hit. The strongest track of the album, though, is for me the closing track "The Humpty Dumpty Love Song" - which begins just like it was just a bonus appendix for the album; nothing could be more wrong which you will realize as soon as the overwhelmingly moving chorus first is sounding.

All in all a really strong album, where some of the songs might suffer from having been played too often.

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