Pink Floyd

The Final Cut - Harvest 1983

Tracks: 1. The Post War Dream / 2. Your Possible Pasts / 3. One Of The Few / 4. When The Tigers Broke Free / 5. The Hero's Return / 6. The Gunner's Dream / 7. Paranoid Eyes / 8. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert / 9. The Fletcher Memorial Home / 10. Southampton Dock / 11. The Final Cut / 12. Not Now John / 13. Two Suns In The Sunset


I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed with "The Final Cut" when the album was released in 1983. Expectations were high after "The Wall", which then seemed to be the perfect album, at once progressive and catchy and with an interesting theme.

So what was now "The Final Cut"? There were of course many similarities with "The Wall" - sound, lyrical themes, the use of sound effects etc. But generally the songwriting seemed less successful; and one thing that annoyed me much was the violent shifts between quiet and noisy passages in the music,

As the fan you are, of course, looking of course for positive moments and I remember indeed that "Southampton Dock" was a favourite, and to some extent "Not Now John" which has a certain kinship with "Another Brick in the Wall". The album, for me however, quickly slipped into oblivion.

Now many years later, I'm surprised at how positive a rehearing of the album falls out. It is actually an album full of great music. High quality workmanship, of course, well played with fine guitar passages by David Gilmour.

The numbers are largely linked to the context and only a few are well suited to stand alone - this could, with some justification go for many of Pink Floyd songs. In any case, I think if you, like myself, originally more or less rejected the album, should try to give it another chance. I believe many will be pleasantly surprised.

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