Elton John

The Captain and the Kid - Interscope Records 2006

Tracks: 1. Postcard from Richard Nixon / 2. Just Like Noah's Ark / 3. Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC) / 4. Tinderbox / 5. And The House Fell Down / 6. Blues Never Fade Away / 7. The Bridge / 8. I Must Have Lost It On The Wind / 9. Old 67 / 10. The Captain and The Kid


”The Captain & the Kid” was first released in 2006 and it is Elton John's 29th studio album. It is his second autobiographical album with lyricist Bernie Taupin, and it more or less continues where 1975 's ”Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” left off . The music is supplied by the core of his touring backing band, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson , Guy Babylon , Bob Birch and John Mahon.

I actually gradually lost interest in Elton John during the 1970s , when his quality of his many albums began to water out. Then recently I was recommended to give "The Captain and the Kid" a chance.

Actually, it was a very positive experience listening to the album . The sound is not very different from the "big" that of the big albums from the first half of the 1970’s , and Taupin’s lyrics are often really good and well adapted to Elton John's music.

I am not so sure wheter the album contains new ”classics”, but I think the it opens really well with "Postcards From Richard Nixon" which is my personal favorite. Also "Would not Have it Any Other Way " is made of the same stuff as Elton John biggest ballads . Another favorite is the slightly more bluesy ballad " Blues Never Fade Away "; a tribute to deceased friends , known and unknown

Definitely the most interesting new Elton John album I've heard for many years.

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