The Boy With No Name - Inpendiente 86697079622 - 2007

Tracks: 1. 3 Times And You Lose / 2. Selfish Jean / 3. Closer / 4. Big Chair / 5. Battleships / 6. Eyes Wide Open / 7. My Eyes / 8. One Night / 9. Under The Moonlight / 10. Out In Space / 11. Colder / 12. New Amsterdam / 13. Sailing Away / 14. Perfect Heaven Space / 15. Say Hello


After a long pause, Travis is back with a new strong release. The sound is the familiar crispy; perhaps with a fuller production than what was heard on the previous albums.

The songs are generally strong, with several jewels among. The very melodic and catchy "Closer" and "My Eyes" (one of the most beautiful songs the group has written), are both well known singles. Other similar strong tracks are "Battleships" and "Three Times and You Lose", both of them potential singles.

The group shows itself from the more rocking side with the single "Selfish Jean" and the Oasis-inspired "Eyes Wide Open".

"Out in Space" is an unpretentious Donovan-like thing - very charming. Closing-track "New Amsterdam" is a different, slightly folk-like number, and another highlight.

Actually I do not have much objection to this album, which is perhaps the group's most successful.

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