Moi Caprice

The Art of Kissing Properly - Glorious Records 2007

Tracks: Tracks: 1. The Art of Kissing Properly / 2. Town and the City / 3. For Once in Your Life Try To Fight For Something / 4. A Supplement to Sunshine / 5. Wish You Were Here / 6. Stranger Than Fiction / 7. The Reinvention of Simple Math / 8. I Hate the Place, But I Go There To See You / 9. Drama Queen / 10. They’re Spies, Aren’t They? / 11. Down By the River


As far as I have been able to find out "The Art of Kissing Properly" is often considered as Danish band Moi Caprice's strongest album. Without knowing the other three albums in their entirety, I am inclined to believe that this must be their most successful. It is a collection of melodic modern pop-rock songs with intelligent lyrics that are characterized by themes of complicated love with inventive and original rhymes.

The album contains two of the group's biggest hits, "The Town and the City" and "Drama Queen" both of which show the group's qualities in a very convincing way. Although both songs are undeniable pop songs they are also more than just that and you can listen to them many times.

The album does not really have weak numbers and although the two final tracks may appear slightly pale, you have a feeling of having been in gifted company when the album runs out.

Among the other songs I'd like to highlight "The Reinvention of Simple Math" for the deeply original chorus "The Soft Touch of Rain washed away the Champagne".

Also the title track, "For Once in Your Life Try to Fight for Something You Believe In" and "A Supplement two Sunshine" are numbers that emphasizes the high qualities of the album and the band in general. Great production by the band and Gareth Jones

Too bad that the group's other albums currently can be hard to find, but there is no doubt that I will go in search of them.

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