Ray Davies

Thanksgiving Day (EP) - V2 - 2005

Tracks: 1. Thanksgiving Day / 2. Yours Truly Confused N10 / 3. London Song / 4. Storyteller / 5. Thanksgiving Day (Alt.)


This is the US single taken from the forthcoming Ray Davies solo album "Other People's Lives". The title track of this 5 tracks single ( a typical Ray Davies song ) is the only one to be included on the album. The song is here in two versions, both great, though I somehow prefer the shorter alternate mix. The song shows that Ray's vocals and his songwriting are as good as ever!

"Your Truly Confused" has never been released before, but was recorded in 2002 with Jools Holland and his orchestra. A little too much horn on it for my taste; so though Rays vocals are great, I do not regret that it won't be included on the album.

The two last tracks are "Storyteller" songs. The "Storyteller" title track is the same version that was on that CD, but the version of "London" is different. For those who have not bought the "Storyteller" album, the title track will be a nice addition; "London", I have always regarded as one of Ray's weaker songs; this new version doesn't change that opinion.

Considering the great "Thanksgiving Day", "The Tourist" ( another single taken from the album ) plus some of the other songs I heard Ray play live in 2005, I think there are good reasons to have high expectations to "Other People's Lives".

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