Leonard Cohen

Ten New Songs - CBS 2001

Tracks: 1. In My Secret Life / 2. A Thousand Kisses Deep / 3. That Don't Make It Junk / 4. Here It Is / 5. Love Itself / 6. By The Rivers Dark / 7. Alexandra Leaving / 8. You Have Loved Enough / 9. Boogie Street /v 10. The Land Of Plenty


In 2001, after a nine year hiatus, Leonard Cohen was out with his next studio album, "Ten New Songs" . Produced by Cohen's longtime backing vocalist Sharon Robinson "Ten New Songs" is a beautiful album marked by strong songs in simple but very effective arrangements. Cohen's vocals are familiar, deep and almost in a whispering , though you may feel that they have lost some of their earlier strenght .

Sharon Robinson is co-writer on all the songs , and being responsible for all the music, apart from a little electric guitar provided by Bob Metzger, and the very beautiful vocal harmonies, this is very much also Robinsonís album, and she is logically depicted on the cover.

Most songs are slow and lingering, full of atmosphere and most have an amazing ability to grow on you every time you listen to them. Several have become concert favorites, such as "In My Secret Life", "Boogie Street" and "That Do not Make It Junk".

I had the pleasure of experiencing Cohen and Robinson during the 2009 tour, where especially "In My Secret Life" was a highlight on the long set-list. Among other favorites is the haunting "By the Rivers Dark", which in addition to a fine melody has a great lift in the chorus. "Alexandra Leaving" is one of the musically more complex tunes, and very much an example of a song that can grow on you. Also the melodic final number "Land of Plenty " helps making "Ten New Songs" one of Cohen's most successful albums.

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