Tangerine Dream - Fontana 1967

Tracks: 1. Kaleidoscope / 2. Please Excuse My Face / 3. Dive Into Yesterday / 4. Mr. Small, The Watch Repairman / 5. Flight From Ashiya / 6. Murder Of Lewis Tollani / 7. (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion / 8. Dear Nellie Goodrich / 9. Holiday Maker / 10. A Lesson Perhaps / 11. Sky Children


The English "Kaleidoscope" seemed to have all what in 1967 was needed to make it through as one of the important progressive pscyh. pop/rock groups in line with "Tomorrow", "The Move" and maybe even Pink Floyd. Unfortunately the group originally never received the the recognition og the success they deserved.

Strong songs performed craftedly in varying musical arrangements and with fine vocals has brought the group's first album "Tangerine Dream" a status as a classic in the early psychedelic wave.

The songs are generally characterized by both strong melodies and ingenuity and it can be difficult to highlight individual songs on an album which in fact is without weak tracks. The opening number "Kaleidoscope" is insidiously catchy; a real ear-catcher. "Dive in to Yesterday" is one of the more experimental tracks with passages leading the mind towards Pink Floyd, Tomorrow or The Zombies. The final song "The Sky Children" is a nice folkish song that surprises at its extended length of almost eight minutes. As a whole, it's not too much to regard "Tangerine Dream" as a masterpiece of its genre. The group's most famous and most important member is singer and songwriter Peter Daltrey (I know of no relationship with Roger from the Who), who has long had a long solo career.

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