Brian Eno

Taking Tiger Mountain - Island 1974

Tracks: 1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More / 2. Back in Judy's Jungle / 3. The Fat Lady of Limbourg / 4. Mother Whale Eyeless / 5. The Great Pretender / 6. Third Uncle / 7. Put a Straw Under Baby / 8. The True Wheel / 9. China My China / 10. Taking Tiger Mountain


"Taking Tiger Mountain" from 1974 was Eno's second solo album and in my, not too extensive, knowledge of his albums I believe it to be one is one of his most easily accessible.

One senses in glimpses a legacy of Roxy Music; especially in the songs "Mother Whale Eyeless" and "The True Wheel", which both are rocking greatly. Completely streamlined, however, none of the songs come out, and though many are actually quite catchy, they have, to various degrees edges in the form of quirky harmonies, different instrumentation and , of course, Enos very special lyrics, which at times can be quite difficult to interpret.

Besides the two mentioned "rockers", the opening track "Burning Airlines Give You so Much More", which has a slightly psychedelic feel and is both catchy and exciting.

Eno mixes several different genres, and on "Put a Straw Under Baby" he comes close to a children's song; a track I think Nico also successfully could have recorded. A couple tracks are probably a bit too weird and edgy for my taste, but as a whole the album stands strong and consistent.

A fine finale with the quite grandiose title song "Taking Tiger Mountain"

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