Take Me for What I'm Worth - Pye 1965

Tracks: 1. I'm Ready / 2. I'll Be Doggone / 3. Does She Really Care for Me /4. It's Time / 5. Too Many Miles / 6. You Can't Lie to a Liar / 7. Don't You Know Why / 8. I'm Your Loving Man / 9. Each Time / 10. Be My Baby / 11. Four Strong Winds / 12. Take Me for What I'm Worth / 13. He's Got No Love [*] / 14. So Far Away [*] / 15. When I Get Home [*] / 16. I'm Never Coming Back [*] / 17. Verzeih' My Love [*] / 18. I'll Be Doggone [*] / 19. Once upon a Time [*] + stereo of 1-12


This was the Searchers' fifth and final album to be released by Pye Records. It was originally released in late 1965 and there would be almost 15 years years before another real Searchers album of new material was released. This is a great shame, because of all the Liverpool groups of the early sixties the Searchers were only second to the Beatles.

From 1963-66 they released a string of outstanding singles; but their albums were all somewhat uneven. "Take Me For What I'm Worth" is no exception to this, but it may very well be their best early album containing great songs like "Each Time", "I'll Be Doggone", "Too Many Miles" and the title-track.

The Searchers' strength was their fine vocal arrangements and their light but tight sound, which was an inspiration to many other groups like the Byrds and the Hollies. Heavier material never suited their sound very well and and songs like Fats Domino's "I'm Ready" may appear a little thin.

They wrote a good deal of their material themselves, and this album contains examples of fine Searchers originals. Among the bonus-tracks their only self-penned A-side "He's Got No Love" can be found - a great track.

The album was delayed almost half a year before its original release, which at that time was like a lifetime. So instead of being compared to the Beatles' "Help" album it was to compete with "Rubber Soul". Sounds and fashion changed so very fast and the Searchers were soon considered old-fashioned. Nevertheless, this is a fine example of 1965 music, and still a great listen today.

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