Take a Heart - Sequel NECD 480 - 2000

Tracks: 1. I Don't Wanna Be Free / 2. Come With Me / 3. Baby / 4. Teenage Letter / 5. Take A Heart / 6. We Should Get Along Fine / 7. You've Got What I Want / 8. No No No No / 9. Let The Live Live / 10. Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me / 11. Let Me In / 12. How Love Used To Be / 13. Pink Purple Yellow Red / 14. My Gal / 15. Nimm Mein Herz / 16. Sei War Mein Girl / 17. Mi Si Spezza Il Cuore / 18. Vivi / 19. Verde Rosso Gialli Blu / 20. Zabadak / 21. La Liberta Costa Cara / 22. Take A Heart / 23. Let The Live Live / 24. Baby / 25. No No No No / 26. Take A Heart / 27. She's Got The Action / 28. How Love Used To Be / 29. Teenage Letter / 30. I Don't Wanna Be Free / 31. Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me / 32. Cara Lin / 33. We Should Get Along Fine / 34. Come With Me / 35. Let Me In / 36. Gonna Find A Cave / 37. I Take What I Want / 38. Baby All The Time / 39. Hooky / 40. You're Still Mine / 41. Armchair King / 42. Do You Call That Love / 43. Phoenix / 44. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


The Sorrows from Coventry, England released a good handful of singles on the Pye (Piccadilly) label from 1965-67. A few of them were minor hits; best known is "Take a Heart" which was also the name of their first album released in 1965.

The Sorrows had their own hard rhythm`n blues sound with occasional fine ballads. Most of their material was original either written by band members Pip Witcher and Don Fardon of by the songwriter Mike Dallon, who wrote most of their singles. The had the potential of making it big, but like many others they never really broke through.

The 1965 album is actually pretty stong, containing several of their singles. Lead singer Don Fardon left the band in 1966 and the others continued a few years more with some succes in some European countries like Italy and Germany. This later line-up released one more album ( uneven) on a new label and also some more singles. The best of these post Fardon singles "Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red" / "My Gal" showed a new more psychedelic side of the band and these two tracks are among the very best of this compilation. Unfortunately they never continued in this direction, and after that single it was downwards, both musically and commercially and they split up in the late 1960`s.

There some real gems here for any fan of the British 1960`s scene. "Take a Heart", "No, No, No, No" , "How Love Used to Be", "Don't Sing no Sad Songs" ; "Let Me in" and "Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red" would be stand-out tracks on most 1960's albums. Besides there are some interesting outtakes/demos - best of those are "Gonna Find a Cave", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "Armchair King".

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